Pro hru o reálné peníze musíte být přihlášen
Pro hru o reálné peníze musíte mít dokončenou internetovou registraci
Pro hru o reálné peníze musíte mít vyplněnou přezdívku.


How to play Casino games?
Visit and make your first deposit. Choose a casino game and press „Spin”. Individual rules for each game can be found on Casino section - Game Rules.Register on

What is the minimum and maximum level of bet?
Maximum and minimum level of bet varies among games. Individual limits for each game can be found on Casino section - Rules.
Deposit by using one of the three payment methods: internet banking, credit card or bank transfer. Depending on the method used and banks involved, the process can take up to 3 days. Minimum amount of deposit is 10 EUR. The account can be increased by using registered means of payment on your own name only. The maximum single amount of deposit is EUR 1500 (one thousand five hundred euros), but the maximum 24 hour deposit amount is EUR 8000 (eight thousand euros).
Internet banking:
By using Bank Link services your account will be increased immediately.
Credit card:
You can deposit by using Visa and MasterCard credit cards. The transactions are supported in collaboration with the leading independent transaction processor in Europe- FirstData.
Bank transfer:
If you use bank transfer services, the transaction time will be shorter.
Withdrawal will be made on the registered bank account only. The transaction can take up to 3 days to be processed. The minimum amount of withdrawal is 10 EUR.
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