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Responsible Gaming

Entertainment or addiction?

We enjoy experiencing new sensations and bear risks. Gaming is adventure; however, in order to win; someone has to lose in it.
Gambling as one of entertainment alternatives gives you the emotions. It excites one and is harmless as long as you have an unconstrained mind and ability to control it. Nevertheless, gambling compared to other industries is different, it attracts higher risks; is entertaining as long as it gives you positive feelings. It is dangerous and addictive when you lose sense of reality and cannot stop when is required.
Temptation to feel luck or to repeat previous success can be compelling.
If you have lost control over gambling and it has taken over your life and commands your thoughts and you cannot stop gaming until the money is gone or have lost relationships, friends, property or job due to it then fill the test below, it might be useful.
How to control desire and end up being the winner? 
♦         Familiarize and introduce yourself with the game rules beforehand
♦         Gamble only within predetermined budget constraints, do not try to rebound
♦        Decide what proportion of winnings will you deposit for the next stake
♦         Set gaming time limits
♦         Dont gamble to earn
♦         Take regular rests between sessions to clear your mind
♦         Dont gamble if depressed or in a bad mood
♦         If your win-loss balance is positive, quit

Are you in trouble with gambling?

1. Has gambling affected important relationships, education, work or career?
2. Do you try to rebound after loss?
3. Do you feel strong temptation to continue after win?
4. Have you ever gambled until you’re out of money?
5. Have you ever lied, borrowed or stolen anything in order to acquire money for gambling?
6. Do you often gamble longer than planned?
7. Do you often gamble to forget troubles, anxiety, darkness or disappointment?
8. Has gambling caused you anxiety or darkness?
9. Are you in debt because of gambling?
10. Have you ever sold belongings to gain money for gambling or to pay off gambling debts?
Sum of points:  

If you answered more „YES“ then it is more likely to be addicted.
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